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Animal Search and Rescue 

Our Mission is to Protect the Entire Family

Animal Search and Rescue (ASAR) is tasked by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and mounted by emergency services, animal care and control, and trained responders, to locate, stabilize, extricate and evacuate animals believed to be in distress, lost, abandoned, sick, stranded, trapped or injured.


ASAR functions may include:

  1. Providing the resources and expertise to effectively execute animal rescue operations;

  2. Conducting assessments;

  3. Providing situational awareness to assist in coordination of animal rescue efforts;

  4. Capturing, confining, packaging and transporting animals believed to be in distress or adversely affected;

  5. Triaging and providing emergency/stabilizing medical treatment for animals;

  6. Collaborating with sheltering-in-place and feeding teams to identify appropriate operational areas;

  7. Executing the documentation process (where, when, status, and disposition of animal, etc.).


ASAR teams will be comprised of:

  1. Animal rescue responders who have been trained with the appropriate animal SAR competencies;

  2. Animal rescue responders who have been trained with the appropriate human SAR competencies;

  3. Human SAR team members who have animal handling competencies;

  4. Human/animal integrated team.

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